Architots® has been bringing its unique curriculum to New York City’s students since 2002.  Founded by an unparalleled team of architects, designers, educators and creators, Architots® continues to inspire students’ imaginations by tuning them in to the workings of their built surroundings. 

Our age appropriate (K-4th grade) design programs combine art, history, math and science in order to give students a rounded view of Architecture.  Numbers become more than just an answer on a math exam, but rather the measurements of functional spaces.  Buildings become more than just the structures and spaces that they pass through everyday, but realizations of creativity and process. Both the Architots® philosophy and method are built on the belief that all children are instinctive builders and creators. By combining imagination and critical thinking within the framework of Architecture, our students gain an appreciation for the constructed world, and even better, get to explore ways to bring their own design ideas to life. 

Winner of the National Society of American Registered Architects’ Synergy Award for Advancements in Architecture and Education, Architots® is proud to be a part of the Enrichment Programs at PS 49, PS 116 (New York City), PS 254, The Kew Forest School, and the Great Neck Arts Center. 

Architots @ Your School

Attention Principals and Directors!  We can work with you to custom design a unique, age appropriate, enrichment curriculum introducing the basic concepts of Architecture and design for your students, at your location!

Class and Scout Trips

Attention Teachers, Educators Camp Directors and Scout Troop Leaders! Are you looking for a way to tie architecture into a current unit of study? Are you looking for a trip for your Scout Troop in order to pursue your Architectural or Acticity badges?

Architots® is always looking to expand our program range. If you are affiliated with an organization that can benefit from an art and design related program, please contact us.

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