"Like many a budding architect, Shane Stock speaks of his designs in terms that are both lyrical and logical. Stock is now in the construction phase of his latest project, one in which the main structure and the surrounding grounds, are both meant to evoke a sense of lightness.Buildings that make us feel lighter are more attractive,” he says. “I’m inspired by greenhouse spaces with a lot of windows and a lot of light. I have a ‘rain drop’ hotel design that I’m working on—mostly made out of glass.” His current building, however, employs different building materials. It is constructed from white cardboard and ornamented with a variety of colored markers. It stands approximately twelve inches tall, and fits nicely on his classroom’s desktop. Shane Stock is, after all, a fifth grader enrolled in a studio program, called “Architots,” in the Middle Village neighborhood of the borough of Queens, in New York City...."

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Dear Mr. Macaluso:

Thank you for your letter. It was a pleasure to see you last week at PS 49 and see first hand the great work Architots is doing with students and parents. Your organization fosters student creativity, social skills and self-confidence through its diverse programs. I thank you for your commitment to our students, and I wish you continued success in your work.


Joel I. Klein

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Architots has been nominated as a "Parents' Pick" for Best Artsy Party by Nickolodeon's ParentConnect. We're eagerly awaiting the results, and would like to thank everyone who voted for us!

Not playing down to a child’s creativity, seems like a solid premise one can safely conclude listening to architect Michael J. Macaluso Sr. explain his vision for Architots, an educational party facility for youngsters in downtown Middle Village.

“We’ve got to get away from this sex and Pepsi Cola generation idea of nonsense and frivolity,” Macaluso said, while standing a few yards away from a herd of gigantic models of Crayola crayons colorfully hanging from the ceiling. “Let’s give them something real.” Last year, Michael J. Macaluso Sr., the architect, joined forces with his son Michael J. Macaluso the entertainment industry veteran who has worked in television and music, to create Architots, an “interactive play space” meets architectural theme part meets entertaining instructional environment on Dry Harbor Road. Read More...

“Architots is about getting kids to thinks differently about space,” said owner Michael Macaluso, Jr., sitting in his Middle Village studio, surrounded by models of colorful skyscrapers and towers.

The space’s first year anniversary is coming up soon, and Macaluso said his business is booming. Architots is a one-of-a-kind studio built by a local architectural team that caters to kids. The space is designed to challenge the way people view buildings. Read More...

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