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The Architots® Studio space located in Middle Village, New York plays an integral role in the overall mission of Architots®.  What better way is there to change the way that children understand and relate to their built surroundings than by providing them a truly unique space to learn in?  Designed by award winning New York City Architectural firm, and partner to Architots®, M.J. Macaluso and Associates Architects, the space inspires the imaginations of all who pass through.  Whether for one of our signature class sessions or special events, the studio holds something for everyone.  Our motto of dreaming, drawing, and designing was a guiding force in every aspect of the design process. From the curved walls and ramp, to the plexiglass wall showing the beams, plumbing and electrical systems, to the hands-on Pipe Wall Installation, to our Mondrian inspired café, the studio was designed to challenge the notion of what a truly interactive space can be.  Architots® was awarded First Place for Excellence in Design in 2003 in the Annual Queens Chamber of Commerce Design Competition.

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