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At Architots we offer a variety of creative activities. From tracing and drawing to working with both oversized and miniature models, to mock city planning and layout, to interior designing and fashion designing. One of the most valuable concepts of Architots is in giving children the blueprint of the creative process. They learn how an idea inside ones mind takes the form of a plan, and how that plan becomes a reality.

Build the perfect party for your child with one of our exclusive theme party plans at our unique Middle Village play space.  With a variety of party options, our versatile space, and energetic party staff, all you and your guests will have to bring are your imaginations! 

All Parties Include
Party Craft
Face/Hand Painting/Tattoos
Paper Products
Coffee for Adults
  Party Extras
Architots Hard Hats
Architots Caps
Theme Based Goody Bags
Additional Party Time
Party Photos
Characters and Clowns
Additional Food for Adults

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Party Themes
Architots Craft Party: Like taking design matters into your own hands? Well at our Architots’ Arts and Crafts party your guests can decorate and personalize their own canvas tote bags or baseball caps and round out the fun with dancing and party games.

Artist for a Day Party: Don a smock, grab a pallet and enter the ‘Architots Gallery’ as you become an artist for a day. Choose from a variety of pictures to paint in a number of different styles and techniques and let your creativity flow, then play fun party games with an artistic twist!!

Design and Construction Party: Become an Architect and Builder for the day when you design and construct your very own house!

Playgroup Party: Let the little ones have lots of fun atthe Architots playgroup theme birthday party. Children will experience two hours of fun filled activities, including special birthday circle time, exciting songs, stories and games, as well as a personalized hand-print memory craft made from the tiny hand/foot prints of all your guests.

Princess & Knight Party: Welcome to the Architots Castle where you’ll design your own crowns or shields, hunt for the Queen or Kings lost treasure and play royal games.

Barnyard Party: Howdy Partner! Mosey on down to the ‘Architots Barnyard’ where you’ll make your very own farm craft, play barnyard games and search for the chicken’s eggs!

Circus/Carnival Party: The circus is in town just in time to celebrate your birthday! Transform into a silly clown with face-painting and clown crafts, and then prepare to have the greatest birthday on earth as you play our fun-filled carnival games.

Cookies and Milk Party: Bring out the baker in your little ones as they dress the part to ice and decorate their very own cookies, then join in the fun with themed party games (such as ‘pin the chip on the cookie’) and dancing.

Space Party: Design your own rocket and take a trip to the moon as you and your astronaut pals orbit the Architots galaxy.

Pirate Party: Ahoy Mates! Dress as a pirate with a bandana and eye patch and join us in a Treasure Hunt! Build your own treasure chest to carry your loot home in.

Diva Party: It’s your chance to shine! Accessorize with costume jewelry and have your nails and make-up done like the real divas do.

Architots Idol Party: Make a craft to make your room shine and take a turn at karaoke to see who will be the next “Architots Idol.”

High School Musical: This will be a party to remember.  Arriving guests receive the “red carpet” treatment as the Architots®  studio is transformed into a magical theater. Each of your famous guests will see their name shine as they locate their very own gold star. Backstage prep with make-up and nails and a fun craft warm up the crowd, as the guests then create their very own production of “High School Musical” complete with singing and dancing.

Under the Sea Party: Join us for an underwater adventure as children explore the wonders of sea life at this unique party.  Guests will create their very own sea life murals, as they snack on goldfish and “fish in the ocean” drinks. All guests get to play fun-filled theme based games such as musical sea animals, bean bag fish toss and much, much more!  Goggles and snorkels optional! 

Puppy Party: Get your face painted to look like the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen! Make an adorable puppy craft and go on an adventure to search for the hidden puppy bones!

Colors and Shapes Party: Make a color and shape craft and play fun party games and activities – perfect for little guys or girls.

Safari Party: Take an exciting journey through the ‘Architots Jungle’ to check out the wildlife, make an animal craft and play safari games fit for the coolest jungle kids.

Dinosaur Party: Take a trip back in time and follow the dinosaur tracks for a prehistoric adventure complete with dino-games and dino-mite craft.

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