Meet Skylar Scraper!
Or Sky as she’s known around the Architots playground. She’s smart as a whip, with a taste for adventure, and a love of what all kids learn with their first set of blocks… building!
She embodies the very spirit of the Architots motto of dreaming, drawing and designing. Through her adventures back in time (without ever really leaving the playground) she takes the viewers, or Architots as they’re known around here, to the construction sites of the most important structures around the world presenting them to the kids as examples of simple Architectural ideas! It also helps that all of the playground toys are based on these same ideas that the Architots can relate to.

There is no city of lost toys or baby dinosaurs that need rescuing in the Architots universe. These adventures are modeled after the award winning curriculum of the Architots® After School Passport Program where students get the chance to re-design famous buildings and build real models of their ideas. Each week the students will build on the previous concept to expand their understanding of their built surroundings. From The Great Pyramids of Giza to the skyline of New York City, all that the Architots need to bring are their imaginations; any Architect’s most important tool!